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Shouldn’t ALL Workrooms Have Crystal Chandeliers?

This early morning, in the sweltering heat and melting-level humidity, Justin (R) and Scott (L) and Tom and me removed the huge arched window to the 1900 theater in Strong City. Justin then brought the 10-foot-wide window to…


…the Cross House, where I can now restore it. After much consideration, it seemed best to put it in the dining room. For, shouldn’t every work room have a glittering crystal chandelier?




9 Responses to Shouldn’t ALL Workrooms Have Crystal Chandeliers?

  1. Why yes, every work room should have a glittering crystal chandelier. I’m surprised you even need to ask that question!

  2. You know, this blog is giving me a very warped view of Emporia: it’s all crumbling plaster and stained glass windows in need of restoration!

    Having never seen a photo of your lighting business’s workshop space, I can only assume the chandelier illuminating it is at least as grand…

  3. Personally, I find the single bare bulb hanging from a dangling cord to the left of the chandelier just a bit too ostentatious.

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