The Cross House

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    • I have come to believe that details like these really are a lost art, which is a shame since the advanced technology and tools we have today should make the details easier. We have a banister that goes up our staircase and then around the upper hall that is famous locally because of all of the hand carved pieces, none more than 6″ long; it was all created and assembled without power tools, and yet it would be impossible to find someone that could recreate it today. It’s the same with the Cross House; stained glass, carved banisters, carved cornices, and all of the other gorgeous details that make these houses stand out should be available at reasonable prices at any home center, but…

  1. Hi Ross,
    It’s evident why it may be slow going! Can you tell what made all those tiny holes? I’m guessing you’re going to fill them all in before painting. What a strange thing, just in that particular spot. A mystery of the ages I guess, unless someone comes by and tells you the story. I imagine it would be something like, “One time, when my buddies and me was drinkin’, we decided to have a competition to see who could shoot closest to the corner. Well, we never did figure out who won cuz that corner’s so far away, we couldn’t see who shot where!”

  2. Now that’s some hard labor there. You certainly aren’t afraid of working. And your hard work certainly pays off. Cant wait to see it all painted.

  3. I hope you aren’t working during the hottest part of the day… this kind of weather is nothing to take lightly. The Cross House needs you!
    The house just looks incredible. Crispy, even! A little Bondo in those holes will plug them up nicely.

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