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Stencil Arrival!


I have done several posts about doing this stencil in the parlor of the Cross House.


And today the stencil arrived!


I chose the stencil for numerous reasons:

  • What I REALLY like about the stencil is the fact that I can do an asymmetrical pattern. This will be a ton easier, will prevent the pattern from awkwardly bashing into the mantel or trim (because I can place the pattern wherever it looks best), and I can even skip the skinny walls between the window trim of the bay.
  • Scale! The stencil pattern is large. This is important because the very large rooms of the house swallow normal-sized patterns.
  • The pattern is called Ribbon Damask. To my eyes, the pattern is a modern take on a classic damask pattern, which is what the parlor was papered with in 1894. So, a homage!

The stencil colors will be pearl, silver, and copper. The latter is intended to complement the wood in the room. The former colors will be fresh and complement the white shelving in the adjacent library, and the Calacatta marble-topped table in the center of the parlor.

The colors will be done VERY subtly, with the finished results looking, hopefully, like the patterns have been on the walls for a century.

As mentioned previously, I am going to paint one corner, do the stencil, and see how I like it. I am anticipating passionate love.

The picture rail should arrive this week, too, and it will be fabulous to reinstate this lost feature.

Above the rail I need a stenciled frieze. My plan is to have the wall stencil reduced in scale about 20%, and use it for the frieze. The patterns will overlap continuously, some just a bit, some a bit more, and some a lot more. I am hoping that the company which made the stencil can supply a reduced scale version.

I still need to find stencil medallions for the ceiling. Three sizes, like 12-inch, 10-inch, and 8-inch. The medallions will be randomly placed on the ceiling, often (but not always) in groups of three. The random placing is critical to me as I cannot imagine the nightmare of trying to stencil ceiling patterns requiring a lot of measuring.

Bette Davis is also arriving this week to hem the curtains! I am using 1-inch copper pipes as curtain rods, because the pipe can be bent to fit the curved windows. The copper will also complement the window trim. For curtain rings I ordered wood rings with a gold finish.




10 Responses to Stencil Arrival!

  1. So, are you standing there, paint brush in hand, trying to decide between painting the east extension or the parlor? Your much thought out plan sounds quite interesting and I selfishly hope it goes smoothly, meaning your “peanut gallery” will get a viewing that much sooner. Can’t wait! By the way, I love the stencil.

    • The weather made me do it!

      My project list is determined by the weather! Yesterday it was in the sixties. In February! So, yes, I was painting the east extension.

      The parlor is for COLD or RAINY days!

  2. My wife didn’t think it was weird when I exclaimed today: It’s warm enough enough for Ross to paint! We are taking it on the chin for you: a foot of snow expected.

  3. One of my favorite decor decisions you’ve shared! I think you’re brilliant to do a random pattern and avoid all the matching-up.

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