The Cross House

The First Floor Has Been Breached!

Last month.


Third floor done!


Second-floor mostly done!


Today. Second-Floor done! Now working on first-floor!!!!!!!!


I had to build scaffolding “outriggers” to do the curved corners.





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  1. Looking great!

    I especially like how the curved windows are inset. I don’t think I’ve seen it done quite that way before, but it helps emphasize their delicateness, especially with the heavy, squared brackets above. Very cool detailing.

  2. I’m glad you’re spending so much attention to detail.
    Even from the ground, you can see the crispness of the third floor…I’d say this cup is half full!
    I’d love to take two weeks vacation and put in some sweat equity!

  3. Bravo!

    We’re in nyc right now and spent a few minutes in prospect park south yesterday.
    A lot of those houses have details reminiscent of the cross house (they were all built a few years later however).
    You might enjoy seeing the towers, finials, porches etc from google street view.

    Hopefully the weather holds and the painting continues to go well!

  4. I see that you are painting the corner brackets the darker color, which color are you painting the stamped metal panel behind them? I would assume it would be the dark color, since it is dark everywhere else, but what would you think of painting the brackets the light color so they stand out? I don’t like too much contrast, but the brackets are a nice feature, and I wonder if they will disappear if they are the same color as the metal panel background…

  5. Hello Ross.

    I hope you have a pool somewhere to take a dip in. I know what it is like to be out in the midday sun doing something like this.

    By the way can you do a post on the painting equipment, tools, brand of paint and how you apply it or do a vlog on it to show us novices how an expert like yourself does it for all of us DIYers like yourself.

    It is looking all fantastic.

    Mary from Georgia

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