The Cross House

The NE Corner.

About 3/4 down the first-floor! On Tuesday, the scaffolding will be dismantled and re-erected in the corner!


The BEFORE bracket. 


The AFTER bracket. I had to increase the depth of the four cut lines, and re-drill the adjacent four holes. 


Pretty, right. Yikes, left. The window covered with house wrap had been transformed into a door in the 1960s. It is now a window again, but I need to order a new wood sash. Also, the bat from last year is not nestled inside the curve behind the brackets. Is he/she inside the other curve? I need to know!




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  1. Hi Ross. The details you reinstated to the bracket are just wonderful. It’s looking lovely. The colour looks so good against the summer garden.

  2. Hi Ross,

    I am so impressed by the craftmanship you show when painstakingly restoring your house. Well done and thank you, for restoring the facade in such a way that it will last another 100 years.

  3. I’ve just read an article about Jimmy Page living in a listed home in London – the way he cares for it reminded me of you caring for the Cross House, and I thought you might be interested!

    • I read that this morning too, Katie, and had the same thought! I really wanted to move Mr. Page out of the two photos he was in so I could see the fireplaces better.

      • Great minds, etc etc! I know it’s a different ethos to Ross’s restoration of the Cross House, but I think it’s the same level of meticulous-ness!

  4. Hi Ross,

    I have begun to look at Old House Dreams posts on the site starting from the earliest for kicks. I did not know that the Cross House was one of them until I came across it. It was posted there on 8/9/2013. Although you may have previously put it in this blog, I can’t recall having seen it before. I certainly enjoyed seeing what it looked like when it had neither put a gleam in your eye, nor had you put the gleam back in it’s eye.

    I am putting the link here for those who haven’t seen it and are interested.

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