The Cross House

The NE Corner. MOVING DAY!

Today, the scaffolding was moved to the inside corner!!!!!!!!


In order to move the scaffolding, we had to remove all the wood planks and wood rails. They got tossed through the Long Bedroom window. Crazy, man! Crazy! Say hi to Justin!


Beauty, right. Beast, left. But not for long!



8 Responses to The NE Corner. MOVING DAY!

  1. Its got to be very satisfying for you to see the progress! I know it is for all of us following you. It’s looking great! The difference between this finished corner, and the totally untouched side is going to be terrible, so I hope you can get at least a part of that done before winter sets in.

  2. Hi Justin! It is nice to see you again!

    Ross, I sit and stare at the photos of the rejuvenated exterior with a big smile on my face and contentment in my heart. Ahh! Thanks for all your hard work making the world a bit brighter.

    • Renting a lift would be prohibitively expensive.

      Also, the scaffolding, once erected, offers a large working area, and from top to bottom.

      Plus, the scaffolding does not move or wobble!

      I love scaffolding!

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