The Cross House

The NE Corner.

The whole corner cornice is painted!


At the strong recommendation of several readers, I have been listening to A Gentleman in Moscow for the last week while working on the Cross House. The book is very long, which I like. It is well written and full of interesting characters but I had trouble connecting with the book, which I had anticipated based on some of the reviews. However, when the “daughter” appeared about half-way through I finally felt, well, touched and have since been enjoying the book a lot. I will miss it when the story concludes, which is now in the early 1950s.

A problem, perhaps, was that I had just finished reading Amy Snow, which I connected with almost from the first page, so I suspect that Gentleman may have suffered by comparison.


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  1. Will you continue on the outside, once you are finished with the NE corner? The house is thanking you with every drop of paint!

  2. I love watching the progress on the Cross House. It is great to watch the care you expend on getting it done the right way. I just finished reading “Amy Snow” based on your recommendation and I liked it very much. I need to start using audio books just to be able to multi-task!!! But I love to hold a book in my hands.

  3. Also: Based on the comments here, I’m going to read Amy Snow and A Gentleman in Moscow — but I think I’ll read about the Gentleman first.

    So Ross is now running a restoration, a blog about a restoration, and a book club. Or maybe a book blog. Anyway, thanks, all, for adding to my “to be read” pile!

  4. On Ross’s recommendation I got to know the lovely people of Gander, Newfoundland through ‘The Day the World Came to Town’. Looks like I have a few more to add to my reading pile, thanks to the wonderful readers of this blog.

    I just finished a library ebook ‘Sister Queens: The Noble, Tragic Lives of Katherine of Aragon and Juana, Queen of Castile’ by Julia Fox. I obviously can’t claim it is a cheerful read, but I understood Henry VIII’s desire for a male heir much better once I got done with it.

    I wonder how many books the exterior of the Cross House will represent by the time Ross is done with it?

    The corner is looking better and better, Ross. Except now I have a mental image of you dancing the time warp on the scaffolding every time you jump to the left. It makes me smile.

    Happy reading and restoring, everyone!

  5. Yes very crispy and beautiful!

    I enjoyed A Gentleman from Moscow and thanks for the recommendation for Amy Snow. I am always looking for a good book.

    You may very much enjoy Will’s Red Coat and Following Atticus by Tom Ryan. They are very well written and inspiring dog books, and really about life. Perhaps inspirational for your future cat books.

  6. ‘Gentleman in Moscow’ was just recommended to me— I always learn so much from others thru the blog & always want to know what you are enjoying while working:-)

  7. I just bought Amy Snow and A Gentleman in Moscow, too! Yes, because Ross said they were worth reading. Thank you for that. I’ve been following your blog for a long time, but this is the first time I’ve commented. I love the Cross House and hope to visit some day. Also, you are a very good writer! (And that’s coming from an old English teacher!)

  8. I’ve been struggling to read A Gentleman in Moscow since June. I like it but I’m just not connecting either. By “daughter” do you mean Nina? Or does someone else come along. Nina has really upped my enjoyment but I haven’t gotten too much past their meeting.


      Nina leaves the story for a while and then returns with a daughter, which she leaves with the Count, who sorta “adopts” her.

      To me, that is when the book came alive, and I was very glad I finished the book. The ending is a lot of fun.

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