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Revisiting the Niche

I have not posted an update on the stairhall niche in a while as I have been focused on painting the NE corner.

The walls are primed and ready to be painted.

The Stencil Library in the UK has agreed to make stencil versions of the original wallpaper, frieze, and ceiling paper. But I have not followed through on this. Bad Ross.

Blair gifted me with some period gilt picture rail and I am eager to install a length in the niche.


BEFORE. All the wood was dark with ancient shellac. The radiator was painted. There was no ceiling. And a metal AC duct snaked its way under the ceiling joists.


AFTER. All the wood has been restored. The radiator has been stripped and is awaiting a new finish to replicate the original two-tone gold. There is a ceiling!!!!!!!! And the snake was rerouted to between the joists rather than under.


DURING. You can see the missing bits on the arch.


Today, I reinstalled the bits. They are strips of Lincrustra and match the wainscoting.


Pretty! The stained-glass was restored as part of the 2015 Heritage Trust grant.



11 Responses to Revisiting the Niche

  1. Those windows are dead sexy. And the woodwork, ooh la la. The snakey columns, stunning!! It’s all just sumptuous, I tell ya. With the colors of choice (my vote is for hot pink, like the jewels in the windows), it’s going to be a showstopper.

  2. How can such a small area be so intricate and gorgeous? Thanks for the update and can’t wait for the finished product.

  3. I’ve been reading the Daisy Gumm Majesty series, by Alice Duncan, taking place in the early 1920s. One of her very rich clients has a home with a “phone room.” The moment I read that, I pictured your niche. Such a lovely feature.

  4. I have a serious case of niche-envy going on here, LOL! Is the wood grain on the doors real, or are they faux-finished? Either way, they are beautiful. Like everything else…

  5. Oh my, this is drop dead gorgeous and I am so jealous! Wonderful work you’re doing Ross. Makes me sad I’m so far away from the Cross House and can’t visit.

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