The Cross House

The NE Corner. Before. After.

BEFORE. The east stained-glass window of the Long Bedroom.




AFTER. The stained-glass was restored as part of the 2015 Heritage Trust grant. The rest? By me!



9 Responses to The NE Corner. Before. After.

  1. Hi Ross. This transformation is breathtaking. Each time you post a photo, that house looks crispier and crispier. Happy weekend there.

  2. I’m very very impatiently waiting for you to bestow your attention to the interior of this room. Of all the bedrooms, this one will be the jewel box, with all those glittering transoms. No contest at all, this would be the one I’d pick to use as my own, too. Looking great!

  3. Ross, thank you so much for posting so often! I don’t know how you manage it considering your schedule but it’s greatly appreciated!!!
    Beautiful job above and thank you again 😁

    • I had the same thought… it takes a lot of time and energy to restore a house with this kind of attention to detail. It takes a lot of time and energy to blog, also! Yes, Ross; thanks for taking the time to share your progress… it is inspiring.

  4. We were in Emporia on Saturday and walked around, had a delicious salmon pizza at Radius and spotted you hard at work, scraping away. Took some photos of the place. So much more magnificent in person!

  5. What a difference the before and after pics show. Just beautiful. As was mentioned above, I too am thankful for your posts. I look forward to them and know how much time the blog takes and also how much time reading each response takes.

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