The Cross House

The NE Corner

Today, a kinda milestone was reached: The second-floor inside corner is mostly done!


I have previously mentioned that working on the Cross House would so not be possible without my #1 indispensable tool: audible books.

Currently, I am listening to a podcast! It is a great podcast about Hollywood with well over a hundred episodes! If you love old movies and glamorous movie stars from the 1920s and 1930s and 1940s and 1950s then you will love this series!



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  1. Wow, it’s looking amazing Ross. I love watching the paint creep around the house. It’s amazing how something a few mm thick can totally transform how a house looks.

  2. Man, that is looking sharp!

    That’s a really good photo, and a great perspective of the house. It really illustrates how even the side wrapping around the back corner is interesting and carefully composed. The taller eave height really emphasizes the wing projecting from the rest of the house. It would have been fascinating to watch as Mr. Squires sketched and contemplated his way to creating the final drawings.

    • I agree, and I hadn’t noticed that until I read your comment.

      Before Ross started work, pretty much all I saw when I drove past the house was the decay. Now that the house is looking crispy again, I can start to appreciate the care and thought that went into the design.

      I think that — like me — the folks in Emporia are going to appreciate the house in a whole new way as these details become visible again for the first time in many, many years.

      Ross, I’m again very, very thankful that you rescued this gem. You’re amazing.

  3. Wondrously magnificent!

    Great photo & all the intricate detailing & contrasts. This corner is a little different with the round windows & stained glass compared to the metalwork, adornments & varied beautiful stained glass windows. So beautiful when completed. Feast for the eyes!

    The Hollywood podcast sounds fascinating!

    I am fascinated how you are able to do such intricate fixes while focused on whatever literary treasure you are enjoying. I must admit I wouldn’t be able to work on a painting or creative activity while focused on listening to a book. Also working on physical, intricate & detailed work; construction type detailing while simultaneously listening to something & focused also on that.

    Remarkable left brain-right brain functioning. Usually one hemisphere dominant but you are able to be productive with both dominant at same time. Like eyes different directions at different times— incredible. I don’t think I have ever known it possible creative brain functioning in tandem with practical & mathematical side in different endeavors.

    Had not struck me as remarkable until I tried doing the same myself! Takes practice & trainng the mind.

    Remarkable Restoring Ross! Genius!

  4. The house is looking gorgeous! Forgive me if I missed the answer to this question, but are you going to keep continuing to the next bit of exterior painting or will you call it for this Summer after the NE corner is done?

  5. Absolutely amazing! These colors somehow make the details and stained glass jump right out at you. I’ve said all along that this north side was my favorite, but even I don’t think I expected it to look so good. Well done. A question that keeps popping into my head while admiring this is, WHO ON EARTH thought it was a good idea to paint everything white??? I know that homeowners whitewashed America in the 20s and 30s, and continued the practice until they slapped aluminum siding on in the 60s, but I wonder if there was a point when they had painted a section, stepped back and looked at their work, and wondered if they were making a big mistake?

  6. Yay! 🌺 This has been one of my favorite podcasts for a couple of years. I’ve found all the episodes to be very expertly researched and Karina really knows her stuff. Also, I like her voice and her precise diction. 😊

    I know it will feel quite an accomplishment when the corner is complete and scaffolding has been moved to the east. The newly painted skin looks almost as if it’s always been there! Have audio books & podcasts, will help with time travel. 😉

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