The Cross House

The NE Corner. NAKED!


The NE Corner in May.


The NE corner after the scaffolding was erected.


The NE corner today. No more scaffolding! Justin and I moved it to the east side! NO MORE SCAFFOLDING IN THE NE CORNER!!!!!!!!


There are still bits to do but I can reach this with a ladder (the window) and some elevated 2×12 boards (the lower walls). 


The first-floor round window is restored. Next week, I am picking up the second-floor round window which has has new stained-glass inserted. The window will then be glazed, then painted. This will take a few weeks. The second-floor big window frame needs painting, and then I can install the restored sash. I put blue tape on the plain glass because otherwise people will text me: “Ross! One of your windows has blown out!”

The first-floor window (right) had been transformed into a door in the 1960s. It is fun seeing it incrementally became a window again. I still need to have a sash made for it.


The relocated scaffolding. I built a catwalk to the hall window so I could easily access the scaffolding. 


My plan is to finish the NE corner which should be next week. Then I will do the very edge of the east facade where the scaffolding is now but, when this is finished, switch over to the south facade.

Or I may finish the east facade.



12 Responses to The NE Corner. NAKED!

  1. You’ve got your work cut out for you. But you have a plan and are focused. Gear up with the podcasts, audio books, and go to it! Awesome job, and the house thanks you.

  2. I think a road trip may be in order next year to see all your progress from the last time I visited! It only took 2 days to get home, so…..

  3. There are naked ladies all over Emporia right now— the Cross House, and the floral variety. Your naked lady is purtier.

  4. Love seeing the progress! I vote for finishing the east side first. You’ve already done the pantry, so you might as well finish the more visible facade before tackling the scarier south side.

  5. I return here often for a quick emotional lift. Looking at your progress is inspiring and satisfying. Thank you, Ross.

    (PS I enjoyed ‘Amy Snow’ very much. Thanks for the recommendation. BTW, Despite my first name, I am NOT Celestine Vennaway!)

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