The Cross House


(Left to right): In July, Claudia and Marlon booked a two-hour tour and we had a lot of fun!


Members of the Mouse family came by for a lighting tour (in/out FAST!). The Mouse family owned the house from 1929 to 1960!


(left to right): Today, Steve, Sherri, Shelly, and Mike booked a two-hour tour. The two couples have an established ritual: One couple invites the other couple out for a tour….someplace. An unknown someplace! A mystery tour! So, Steve and Sherri brought Shelly and Mike to the Cross without the latter having any idea of where they were headed or with any idea of what they would see! Luckily, Shelly and Mike had a good time!




7 Responses to Visitors!

    • Hi, Mike!

      I don’t have a clue what that is but it looks nothing like the two original light switches extant in the house.

  1. OK, LOL…just curious. I guess having all of us Cross House groupies tossing ideas and clues at you is a two-edged sword; some are brilliant discoveries, and some are just a distraction. Have a great day!

  2. We had a wonderful tour and will come back when almost done. I say almost because with these old mansions there is always something in the mix. Marlon and Claudia.

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