The Cross House

The NE Corner. The 3/4 Mark!

Today, I reached 3/4 the way down the second floor! 


I also did all the prep work on the bottom 1/4, including replacing some shingles. Tomorrow, i will paint the final 1/4!!!!!!!!

All the siding on the first floor is new, installed last year, so it will be easy and fast finishing the first floor. Then the scaffolding will be move to the inside corner, and back up up up I will go!


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  1. Really looking great. You must feel relief that its finally coming together. By the way, those chimneys are quite impressive in and of themselves. What will you do this winter on the interior?

  2. For you and all of the trials you have had on some parts of this restoration, this week is almost like instant gratification… Congratulations!

  3. When you bought the Cross House, I believe that there was a door on the first floor where the window is now. As I recall, that door was not original to that location, but was one of two doors that created a foyer on the North side of the house. Once you removed the door, you put the window back and that is why the siding on the first floor was replaced last year. Have I got the story right?

    It is such fun linking up the stages that you have blogged about as one project overlaps one I already know about. It gives me hope that I will get beyond the first prep stages in my own house renovation. At the time that you did the work I mentioned above, it would not have been wise to try to paint the NE corner. It all comes together now, delightfully. Thank you for the pleasure that I have received in seeing these transformations, step by step.

    • Hi, Stewart!

      Yes, the first-floor window was turned into a door in the 1960s. I have made it a window again, although I still need to order the sash!

  4. I’m just looking at that finial, and once again trying to wrap my head around the fact that that is as big as me! Talk about putting the scale of the house into perspective.

    Is that a lightning rod on the chimney next to it?

  5. Looking very good, sir. Shortened drying time for paint is about the only good thing I can say for this Midwestern heat. I am feeling very thankful right now though…a funnel cloud passed directly over our house this past Thursday night, and we only received some shingle damage along with broken tree limbs. We were in the cellar when we heard the roar; our old house popped a little, but stood strong as a fortress, just as she has for the past 132 years. The funny part is that a local news crew described my exterior restoration work as storm damage! Anyhow, be careful out there, and maybe we will get some cooler weather soon.

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