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  1. Is it the special phrase you have to say before you pick up The Book of the Dead? 😀

    (I know, I know, it’s not but I am a horror fan and had to say it.)

    • Hi, Ms. Davis!

      It is true that nobody knows what the phrase means.

      But, it is obvious that, by saying the phrase, the Earth will be saved from total destruction.

      And so…considering who is in the Oval Office…it seemed highly appropriate that I stencil the phrase on my parlor ceiling in 2017.

  2. Oh my gosh, I LOVE THIS. So. Much. I love your blog even more than I did before, and that was A LOT. You are a certified genius.

    Or maybe you are Gort in disguise.

  3. I’m not sure if that phrase will save the earth but it might just save the Cross house. I love it!! The perfect finishing touch to a fabulous parlor. I’m so jealous.

  4. LOVE IT!

    Ross, you know that this is one of my all time favorite statements. I find it both profound and chilling. It’s also so appropriate given this time with the world in such turmoil.

    You found the absolute perfect place for it – in the central inter-dimensional portal of the parlor!

    You are so brilliant. Thank you for choosing EARTH this time round.

    • Thank Heavens you didn’t spell out that dreaded word. You know whenever You-know-who says it, the international reputation of the U.S. is destroyed. Stay positive with Ross!!

  5. Doesn’t make any difference to me (a political science major) which side you are on, I am so done with all the political crap. And I am done with this site which was very enjoyably about house restoration. Too bad you can’t just leave the politics out of it.

    • Dear Wanda,

      I am sorry to learn that you will no longer be looking at RestoringRoss.

      This is a very personal site, and while the focus is on restoration, I often express my thoughts and ideas about a wide variety of subjects. And I reserve the right to!

      Also, I am confused by your comment. You state that you are a political science major. Cool. But you are running away from a very mild political discussion! Can one truly learn in a bubble?

      Much love,


  6. Dearest Wanda,

    It is impossible to leave politics out of anything. What happens in Washington D. C., our state capitols, and local city halls affects all Americans on a daily basis. Rather than run away from our differences, we should discuss our differences in a calm and rational way. Without calling one another names, without violence, without cursing, but with respect and tolerance. Compromise is possible and understanding is achievable only if we face one another.

    • Claudia most folks with manners express displeasure and even hatred in a Victorian manner. With some civility. To openly espouse hatred (as was advocated in other postings)is not only uncivil, I am quite sure there are many folks on both sides of the political spectrum that are extremely unhappy with the continuing rhetoric. I agree with your thoughts and I say to the determinedly unhappy: work for some good in the world and give the hatred a rest. The continuous sniping is getting on my last nerve.

  7. Army of Darkness! Best worst movie ever 🙂 I’m glad you remembered the saying long enough to get it painted.

  8. What a wonderful frame for the oculus. Had you always planned it? I didn’t think the oculus looked quite right previously but could not figure out what seemed off. But now it looks perfect! Well done, once again!

    • Hi Brendan!

      Right after I finished the oculus I knew the teal frame needed something. But what?

      A few days later I thought: A quote!

      But what quote?

      Shakespeare? Oscar Wilde? My favorite quote from Dorothy Parker: What fresh Hell is this?

      Then a few days later, while not even thinking of the issue, the perfect quote just popped into my head. I burst out laughing! And knew that meant it was the right choice.

  9. Text is such an attention-pulling feature that I think this is actually a big design misstep. This is a loud room, but before this the features were all singing together. As much as I love The Day the Earth Stood Still, this is like when the commercial break comes on at twice the volume of the show.

    • Hi Kit!

      It does not seem that way when you are in the room.

      It’s a big room!

      And the above images are all close-ups.

  10. I love it! You promised one more thing for the oculus and I had been waiting. I was imagining in my little brain perhaps some small beaded looking border or perhaps a laurel wreath with berries to echo the picture rail… but the lettering is simply perfect. Once again you offer up fun and fantasy with flair. Keep up the good work Ross, your talent and creativity are both inspiring and enlightening.

    (And I don’t mind a few political sparks thrown in now and then. I adore your choices of artwork.)

  11. I laughed out loud when I saw this, reading it from the Evil Dead angle. It’s even better, seeing the deeper meaning.

  12. The Oculus tho way out of place in the Cross, just looked so much better “silent”. I wonder what Charles M. Squires would make of it?

    • Mr. Squires’ work abounded with unexpected details, humor, and eccentricity.

      I am confident that he would be delighted.

  13. I never understood whether that really meant “We’ll live in peace forever.” Or if what he was really saying was, “As soon as I get off this miserable ball of dirt, I’m going to blast it to the dust I think it should be” In any event, it’s an iconic saying, relevant to the furnishings you’ve installed, and IT IS YOUR CEILING So go for what makes you smile in your decorations.

      • Hi Ross! Glad to see your blog has increased in readership and follow-up comments since I first started following you. Great work on both the house and the blog! As always, I love driving by to see what’s new, but it’s been too long since I’ve been inside. I really need to see those colors in real life. I know the RGB screen images never do justice to colors, especially greens and blues and you have used a lot of those. G:-)

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