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Why I love Justin

When I purchased the Cross House in 2014 the NE corner looked, and was in actuality, pretty grim. In addition to the obvious EEK-ness, there were three AC condensers huddled against the house. These, well, blighted the beauty of the house and I knew they had to go…elsewhere else.


In addition, the NE corner was hidden by a fence. Since buying the house I developed an ever-increasing passionate loathing of said fence.


Last year, I had the AC condensers removed, and stored off-site, in anticipation of their being relocated. My anti-blight measure. At the time however I had no idea that over a year would pass, and the house would have no AC during the summer of 2016 and, it seemed, the summer of 2017.

Oops. For a guy who lives for comfort, this proved a planning mistake of the highest order.

DETERMINED not to endure all of the summer of 2017 without comfort, I have pushed ahead with getting the damn AC condensers back, installed, and with the AC running again.

And, to do so…I had to invoke the grace of Justin.

The three condensers were to be relocated AWAY from the house, and surrounded by a custom-designed WAY COOL fence (details to follow). In order to accomplish this the following had to happen:

  • A trench had to be dug so that the copper lines to the condensers, and attendant electrical lines, could be hidden.
  • The fence was in the way of the new location for the condensers. Thus, the fence, praise the Lord, had to go.
  • The relocated condensers had to sit upon something solid.


And….drum roll, please…today the I-loathe-this-with-a-passion fence was removed!!!!!!!!


Fence…begone!!!!!!!! But, the posts had to be removed, too. Oh…fuck. How does one remove posts set in three feet of concrete???????? Fuck, fuck, and fuck.


How? Well, JUSTIN TO THE RESCUE! Magical Justin wrapped a chain around each post, then the (rented) machine-thingy miraculously lifted the fence posts out. I…was…agog. Justin just shrugged, like this was something people did everyday.


ZOUNDS!!!!!!!! No fence! ZOUNDS!!!!!!!! No posts! ZOUNDS!!!!!!!!


While the NE corner did look like this, today — much amélioré — it looked like…


…this!!!!!!!! However, and I apologize for upsetting you, but please note the basement window.




EEK! EEK! EEK! I am LIVING to restore this window.


You see, the electrical and copper lines (carrying freon) to the three AC condensers had been punched through a basement window.

And while I can, perhaps, survive indignities off-the-scale (see: current political situation), I have my limits.

The ravaged window HAD to be restored and, thus, the condenser lines HAD to be buried.


Thus…Magical Justin, again, to the rescue. The (rented) machine-thingy dug a trench so the condenser lines could be buried.


Justin ALSO drilled through 12-inches of stone foundation so the the lines could be run through these new holes rather than the basement window.


The AC condensers need to sit on something solid, so Justin used the machine-thingy to maneuver chunks-o-concrete to where the condensers will sit, surrounded by the not-yet-installed WAY COOL fence.


What I adore about Justin is his default response to anything I throw at him: “OK.”

I don’t recall his ever saying NO to some idea I have. This is so not how most contractors respond to the unusual request: “NO!”

Today, Justin was happy to rent a machine-thingy to dig a trench, borrow something which I did not not know even existed to drill through 12-inches of stone foundation (an extraordinarily tedious dust-filled process which took hours), and move around huge chunks of concrete, all the while managing to be pleasant.

Hours after we both collapsed into our respective cars I called Justin and told him how much I adored/loved/cherished him.


11 Responses to Why I love Justin

  1. And here I thought you have him hanging around just for his good looks 🙂 I will admit I enjoyed watching him work. heehee. Skilled and handsome and all around nice guys – Ross, Justin and Scott – a trio to be reckoned with!

    The corner looks so fresh now. A lot of work indeed, but worth it. You’re all awesome!

    Even the (is it a skidsteer? minibobcat?) is beautiful!

  2. Don’t you know that the people who put compressors next to houses and do that to innocent windows are $aving Money? I bet they could find some in-stock plastic fencing for you too, but NO, you have to go and make it BEAUTIFUL.

  3. I saw the title and thought you meant Justin Trudeau, which would be completely understandable, considering the abject moron that currently runs things in the U.S.A.

  4. The can-do-anything guys I have been privileged to know are frequently laconic, spending their time on doing rather than going on about Big Ideas. My “Justin”, named Troy, has re-roofed my pile, built wings, jacked the whole business up to replace a perished foundation, etc. When I blather on about piercing a foundation wall to put a door into the new garage, he lets me run down until we get to “What do you think?” His response? “It’ll fall down.” Back to the drawing board. I’m OK as a finisher and re-finisher (though deeply in your shadow, Ross) but for structure? We need the Justins and Troys of the world, who built the Pyramids.

  5. May I borrow Justin when you are finished with him? I could keep him occupied for at least a year…I’ve been looking for a Justin in my area, and haven’t had much luck.

  6. Hi Ross

    I was looking at the internet in regards to your post A Grilling Question.

    This site has that style of grill for around $50.00 and comes in several colors.

    • Hi Ashley!

      The website you link to is the same as I mentioned in my post, Kul Grills. Their grills are priced as to size. The 12×4 grill I need is $98.

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