The Cross House

They Slide! They Slide!

Life can be quite vexing.

We have all experienced difficulties and tragedies.

But, I put forth that there are few things more vexing than having an old house with sliding doors…which don’t slide.

I have been through a lot in life. A lot. Don’t get me started. But, sliding doors which don’t slide is JUST TOO MUCH TO TAKE.

I mean, there are limits to what we must endure. Right?


The Cross House has three pairs of pocket doors. And a single very wide pocket door. Only the pair to the dining room actually opened/closed as intended by God.

The rest? It was like doing battle. Tugging and pulling and sweating and swearing to get them closed.

I simply don’t ascribe to the idea that one should do battle with their old house.

Limits! I have limits!


Last March I reached my limit. I would win the battle. I WOULD WIN!

Except I had no idea of how to win.

The internet saved me.

For, there, I found Stephen Thorp. And Stephen gallantly offered wise strategies for removing the doors (a task which had totally befuddled me) and and and offered to restore the highly damaged wheels.


Door removed. See the wheels on top?


Geez. I learned that these are called yokes. And my yokes had, obviously, gone bad. Very bad. But it would soon prove that Stephen was a magical wizard, and had the ability to erase time. Scroll way down to see proof of such magic…

























ZOUNDS! ZOUNDS! ZOUNDS! The yokes look brand new! And of exactly the same material as used in 1894! Obviously, Stephen is a very great and very powerful magician! And the results?


One door between the Library and Parlor re-installed!


And two doors. I WON THE BATTLE!!!!!!!! No more tugging and pulling and sweating and swearing to get them closed! (The white vertical line is the ghost of a wall which was built against the door to create a bathroom in 1950.)


The pair between the Parlor and Foyer (the left one has been refinished). They now open/close with ease. And as they do, my eyes spontaneously water with tears of joy and wonder and appreciation.


All thanks to a magician. My gratitude is considerable.







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  1. You do realize that you are going to have to somehow post a video of the doors in action… Such a thing would be almost pornographic to us…

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