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Small Bits

See the lap-siding? See how the top-most siding is missing? How long has it been MIA?


The siding on the turret is quite thin. Like half as thick as flat-wall siding. I am assuming this is so it can curve? To replace the MIA piece, I took my electric planer (which I love) and shaved a length of new cedar siding to a svelte width. Left over was a LOT of sweet-smelling shavings.


All better! I’m quite pleased with myself. My first curved siding! I feel quite manly.


Because the siding is so thin on the turret, it has proved fragile. Over the many decades people have used flat-head nails to hold the siding in place.


And more flat-head nails. And some cracks.


Flat-head nails on lap-siding?

Hummmm…there is a limit to what my delicate sensibilities should endure.

So, today, I pulled out all the nails causing such an affront.

Tomorrow, I will Gorilla glue the cracks, pre-drill holes, and hammer in FINISH galvanized nails (which have no head). I will then set the nails (hammering them a bit below the surface), and then fill the holes. When I am done, the siding will be held in place…as if by magic.





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