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Kyle (L) and Hasan (R) came to the Cross House for a tour with their daughter, Innes (M).


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Kyle is a gastroenterologist with a hematology subspecialty. Hasan is a computer scientist. Golly.

While Kyle is the Cross House fan, and has read all the blog posts, Innes and Hasan also seemed to enjoy the tour.

I noted that Kyle took a particular interest in the stained glass, and it was revealed that, in addition to her other abilities (I don’t even know what hematology is), she creates stained-glass windows as a hobby!

As the tour was concluding, Kyle also took an interest in…


…the 1890s settee I purchased last March. Thanks, David! [Note: the settee is shown in a different house.]

The upholstery is just awful and certainly not period-correct.

So, I watched, curious, as Kyle seemed drawn to the piece. She bent down, looked closely, and even turned the settee upside-down. What was she doing?

“Would you like this properly reupholstered?” she finally asked.


“Well, I really enjoy reupholstering fine old furniture, and I’d be happy to do this piece.”

“You would?”


“Ahhh, wow. So you are a gastroenterologist with a hematology subspecialty, AND you make stained-glass windows, AND you do upholstery?”

Kyle nodded.

I turned to Innes. “Do you know your mother is Super Women?”

Innes smiled. “Oh, yes.”

I turned to Hasan. “Would you mind terribly if I proposed to your wife?”

They all laughed.

Then I told Kyle that while I would love to get the piece made right, I couldn’t afford such an expense right now with so many other pressing financial projects on the table.

“Oh, I will do the work for free. It will be my gift to the Cross House. And I’ll come pick up the settee and return it.”

“But you live six hours away!”

“That’s OK. We enjoy road trips.”

Now, anybody who knows me will not believe the following: I was speechless.

Kyle continued: “I will only ask that you purchase the fabric.”

“That’s it?”

She nodded.

My eyes were wide in wonder.

We concluded this astonishing conversation with my saying: “If you come back for the settee, bring some other people with you. Everyone will get a grand tour…at no charge!”

Kyle smiled. “I think we will do just that!”



13 Responses to Visitors!

  1. Kyle is very generous, what a kind gesture. And wonderful for you and the Cross House. Can’t wait to see the end results. Bet it will be spectacular.

  2. WE that love the Cross House and what you’re doing are glad to drive the distance! I drove 3000kms 2 days) to sew the curtains and I don’t regret it!!! It’s still my best road trip experience! And you and Justin the does-everything-man, are awesome!

    I am excited to see her re upholstery magic! But more excited to see what fabric you choose (and how long it will take you to choose just the right one heehee)

  3. See Ross, people love you, your work, and the house. So many people are probably willing to contribute in some way but don’t know how. I think you should speak up about what things need and just maybe your Angel’s will surprise you.
    Also, I still think you should do a YouTube channel.

  4. I’m with Dan! You SHOULD do a YouTube channel! Besides being a YouTuber myself, I subscribe to several renovation channels. The 1806 house is interesting as well as many others. You seriously should consider it. Do NOT come up with the “I’m too old” excuse…because I’m older than you and I learned how to do it. I’m sure that you could catch on in just a couple of hours. If nothing else, you can post cat videos, as sad as that trope is. Oh yeah, and you can get a little bit of cash. Once you reach 1000 subscribers, they will split ad revenue with you, so there’s that. You carry your phone with you everywhere; it’s a video camera and probably has instant upload capabilities. Contact me if you want help with doing this. I can provide information.

  5. I think Ross needs to set up an Amazon Wish List at the very least. So we can all pitch in to help with the mundane, everyday stuff like nails and glue sandpaper and whatever that he probably burns through.

  6. Ross, you’ll probably be horrified at this – and I’m still not sure how I feel about it – but I recently ran across several shockingly redone Eastlake pieces that I can’t stop thinking about. A settee with fire engine red wood with black and white, tribal textile upholstery. A chaise with the wood painted glossy purple and dayglow fabric. At the very least, they are fun.

  7. Hey! I get first dibs on that Lady!!! ( Though, I don’t know what my husband would think!!!) Over the years I have had a hard time even FINDING an upholsterer and the expense always knocked my socks off! What a lovely offer to get! I took a night college course in upholstery years ago, but another more pressing class took precedence,so my husband took my place, went by “Linda” for a semester, and did a great job on a wing back chair of ours! Ross, what print do you have in mind for that piece?

  8. Reading this brought tears to my eyes. There are good and generous souls out there and it’s lovely to hear about one. Sweet memories of a dream come true when I was a visitor sitting in that beautiful room. I’m so NOT a crier, but all that you are doing to restore the Cross House, and heal yourself moves me deeply. Godspeed, my friend!

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