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A Fabulous House…Disintegrating

This is Elmdale, Kansas. It is a very small town. Very small. A small town which has been repeatedly devastated by floods. When there is too much rain, Elmdale just gets punched, big time. Because of this, the town is fast becoming a ghost town. When I moved to Kansas in 1996, Elmdale, while clearly in distress, was still sorta functioning, although it had been devastated by the flood of 1951. But then came the flood of 1998. Then another flood. Today, about 50 people live in Elmdale.


This is THE big house in Elmdale. When I first saw it in 1996, it was lived in. Even after the 1998 flood, it was patched up and still inhabited. I strongly suspect that the house was designed by Charles Squires, who designed my Cross House.


The house was abandoned about a decade ago, and partially stripped. My heart just aches.


Poignantly, family images still grace the walls.

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  1. Look at that shingle work. Dang shame. I’m surprised so much is left in that home, I still see at least a door and a little more trim. Sad seeing the photos on the wall too. It would break my heart to leave photos of loved ones behind.

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