The Cross House

Inching Along



The drain to the sleeping porch (lower left) has somehow managed to remain intact, even though the porch was enclosed for most of its existence, and all the shingles in this corner were lost long ago. I reopened the porch a few years previous.

Curiously, even in massive downpours, I have never seen the porch floor really wet, much less loaded with water. If there is a lot of wind the floors gets covered with droplets but not enough to create a river rushing to the drain.

The drain was beat-up, and I have prodded it back into shape. I look forward to it being all respectable again, properly dressed in green.



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  1. Better to have and not need than to need and not have…

    It is all looking so wonderful; hopefully we will get a month or more of good fall weather so you can work in some degree of comfort. Inspiration suffers sometimes in extreme temps, LOL

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