The Cross House

16 Responses to Inching Along

  1. Definitely getting there. I love this porch I’m so glad it’s getting the Ross treatment now. Inching ever closer to finishing the outside!!

  2. The end of this chapter is in sight now; once you get the exterior complete and the enclosure built for your cats, you will hopefully have the option of moving in. I finished our exterior last November (with the exception of a few “extras”) and I am looking forward to spending this winter working on the inside. It is easier in some ways to be able to simply turn off the power tools and lights, then crawl up to bed; on the other hand, it is hard to relax because the projects are always right there in your face…

  3. I am envisioning you, next spring or fall, sitting in a nice chair with a glass of your preferred beverage, looking out over the town from that porch at the end of yet another day of babystep accomplishments. Would it be safe to bring a cat out there with you?

  4. Impressive how the curved shingles meet perfectly at the corner. Those appeared bent into shape; when in reality those were cut into shape. Swoon!

  5. Scaffolding…ladders….no posts…????? Checking for a post everyday and then letting out a sigh of disappointment. Where,oh where,have you gone?

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