The Cross House

More Windows!

For a while now the Long Bedroom in the Cross House has been bereft of its clear- and stained-glass windows while they were being restored. The latter were reinstalled in August, and I finally got the restored clear-glass sashes back in. Oh, and I love this image.


It’s also nice seeing the simple but lovely hardware all gently polished up.
Yea! Sashes back!!!!!!!! Well, all save the sashes on the far right. I am using this as a door to the scaffolding, so these restored sashes are put aside until the tower comes down. All this work is part of the Heritage Trust grant. Thank you!!!!!!!!



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      • Yes, that image impressed me more than the others, because it clearly demonstrates your meticulous attention to how important the details are to the overall integrity.

        BTW, nice feature front page in The Gazette last weekend. I know they got some stuff wrong, but still it was lovely to see.

  1. Had to drive in to Emporia today, so HAD to drive by (actually sit in a couple of parking lots) and just gaze at the wonder that is your work in progress. And then I saw it…plywood hiding something on the second elevation, west side.. Are you giving the house a Christmas present, like a giant anthemion under the window?

  2. I also notice that the upper rail of your lower sash has what appear to be thumbtack holes in it. Some of ours have tack-holes too (which I filled during restoration, but they’re still visible of course). I wonder if it was common for people to use tacks to hang decorations in front of the lower window? My wife hangs wreaths and things over the lower windows for Christmas, but she uses string to hang them off the sash locks (she knows better than to put tacks in my painstakingly-restored wood, haha!).

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