The Cross House

More Windows. The Parlor!

All the clear-glass windows in the parlor are now restored!


Normally, a window is restored simultaneous to the surrounding window frame and wall surface. So, it is a bit surreal seeing the south parlor sashes, now pristine, displayed against, umm, less-than-lovely. 



6 Responses to More Windows. The Parlor!

  1. Happy 4th Ross! Gosh you are so hard at work even on the holiday! Windows are so nice & in good time the south side will also look great – like W-N & E! The house is stupendous & magical & is going to be so so lovely!

  2. Your work has become the gold standard in my book. The thing that I don’ get is how you can stop yourself from going round the corner with areas like the walls and ceilings under the porch roof. I don’t have your self discipline. I would slap some on just to see. Yes, I would regret it later when I was prepping and painting that side of the house, because I would have to redo it properly. The thing is, I don’t know how you resist doing a little more.

    Ferris Bueller, you’re my hero!

  3. Good morning Sunshine! Those windows are so sparkly clean, they just shine.

    I’m surprised to find this post in the cool things tab of your blog. When I came back this AM to look again at those fantastic windows, I couldn’t find the post. It’s like playing cyber hide and seek with you. You’re fun even when you don’t know it! I’m sure we’re kindred spirits. Have a fun, satisfying day of discovery and work. That’s a good combo for a fulfilled soul.

  4. I like the way that you color within the lines, LOL. I have a bad habit of working in one area, then skipping somewhere else without finishing the first area. I always go back, but the lines between complete and incomplete are often blurred. The first pic above could pass for a before/after shot.

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