The Cross House

Movie Stars at the Cross House!


Something VERY interesting and VERY weird is soon to happen at the Cross House.

There are two people I have never met, two people who also do not know each other, who contacted me and said they wanted to travel across vast distances to visit the Cross House.


Ms. Davis

The first person, who I will call, ah, Bette Davis (she wants to remain anonymous), read my post from a year ago where I asked if there was anybody out there who could hem my draperies.

Ms. Davis said she could.

Oh. Oh!

At first I assumed I would mail the drapes to her.


Ms. Davis explained that she really needed a vacation and that she “wasn’t a beach kinda girl”. She also liked doing…unusual things, and thought that traveling very far to a small town in Kansas — Kansas! — to spend a week hemming draperies seemed fabulously unusual.

All she wanted from me was a tour of the house, and my company for one dinner.

Oh. Oh!

To compound this unusualness, Ms. Davis is driving from very far away. In the winter.


Mr. Grant

The second person, who I will call, ah, Cary Grant (another anonymous aficionado), emailed me just before Ms. Davis. Mr. Grant, whom I have known for about eight years but have never met, wanted to travel from very far away to also visit the Cross House and document some stuff.

Mr. Grant will arrive in a month and will, sensibly, be flying in.


The Globe

Now, what is the statistical likelihood of two people I have never met, two people who also do not know each other, traveling across vast distances at almost the same time to visit the Cross House?

AND, what is the statistical likelihood of two people I have never met, two people who also do not know each other, each being from the same area on the planet?


Earth. It is REALLY big. Very bigly. But these two people are BOTH coming from one area?


I mean, it would seem normal for Ms. Davis to come from that area, and Mr. Grant from, say, Paris. Right? Or Key West. Right?

But BOTH are from the same latitude and longitude????????

And BOTH are arriving about the same time?

And BOTH initiated these plans?

Baby, it seems that something really interesting is going on.

I am SO going be be playing the Lottery for the next thirty days.


25 Responses to Movie Stars at the Cross House!

  1. Wouldn’t it add to the story and keep their anonymity to share where your special visitors are traveling from?
    I’m curious…

  2. Wow. What a coincidence! And if you don’t believe in coincidences, it is karma, or kismet, or fate. Either way, it’s very cool.

  3. Maybe they’re in cahoots and they’re going to take over the Cross house and use it for nefarious activities…a speakeasy or a house of ill repute! Keep us posted. I need to know how this story ends!

  4. This is awesome! I think many many of us would like to visit you and have a tour of the Cross House!

    Looking forward to this encounter! To be continued…

    • I met Ross today! I say he’s an awesome combo of all of the above, but he says he’s Ernest Borgnine.

      It’s 8:30, and I just finished “working” for about 3 hours on the curtains. Mostly, I held my breath in awe of the house and not believing I was really here!!

      It’s an honour.

      • I felt exactly the same thing when I visited the house for the first time. And that was in 1979, long before Ross owned it, when it was still a rooming house. I was absolutely awed by its beauty.

        Now that I’ve seen it again under Ross’ stewardship, it’s even more breathtaking. I am so glad for the Cross House — and for Emporia — that Ross has taken on its renewal.

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